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The Hug Pin

What: .75 inch Enamel pin. Designed by Christopher Duran (@shufflefeel) and Mark Tigchelaar (@tigusaurelius)

Why: To generate a conversation in the coffee community around foster care. May is foster care awareness month.

How: Buy the pin, wear it, and if people ask you what it is you can use the following bullet points as a conversation starter.

  • California is home to over 60,000 foster children

  • 1/4 of California foster children are under the age of 3

  • Temporary placements and loss of relationships directly affect a foster child's long-term emotional, cognitive and developmental health.

Where: Buy the pin here, on my website (, or at the following coffee shops in the Los Angeles area. Wolfs Brew, Confidential Coffee, Civitas Coffee, FrankieLucy Bakeshop, Solid Coffee Roasters.

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Mark Tigchelaar is not an author or a speaker, and still doesn't know what the hell he wants to do with his life.  But that's okay. 

What he does know is that he likes to do different things, invest in different industries, invest in people, and never stay put.  He likes questions, 3rd way thinking, Rob Bell, post conventional morality, refugees, and foster kiddos. 

Mark's biggest focus is Solid Coffee Roasters.

Mark's strengths are Maximizer, Futuristic, Command, Relator, Activator, and he's a DC (Demand,Cautious) on the DISC Profile.  



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