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Self Doubt and Realization

Being in coffee I've always put pressure on myself to have some sort of dynamic video presence on social. Notice that I said "put pressure on myself". This isn't pressure from other people, it sources from me spending time online and wanting to put out content like Gary V or Chris Baca. Although I think I might enjoy it, I've realized it just isn't in the cards for me - and that's fine.

I have things to say.

I have experiences to tell.

I have ways to help people.

But video content isn't going to be how I do it.

How will I do it?

In blog posts, in my interactions with employees, maybe in interviews, maybe in a book.

Tonight someone very special to my family moved to Thailand. Emo. She is one of the most beautiful souls on this planet and she is going to Thailand to serve others - permanently. It was hard for us. I cried.

She selflessly served and walked alongside us during some crazy years. We relied on her heavily for so many things. Our lives will be different moving forward.

This relationship with Emo happened because she was intentional. She overcame her own self doubt and inserted herself into our lives and we inserted ours right back into her life. She invested into us and there was fruit from that.

Thank you Emo for being such an amazing friend and auntie.

We will strive to approach relationships the way you do.

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Mark Tigchelaar is not an author or a speaker, and still doesn't know what the hell he wants to do with his life.  But that's okay. 

What he does know is that he likes to do different things, invest in different industries, invest in people, and never stay put.  He likes questions, 3rd way thinking, Rob Bell, post conventional morality, refugees, and foster kiddos. 

Mark's biggest focus is Solid Coffee Roasters.

Mark's strengths are Maximizer, Futuristic, Command, Relator, Activator, and he's a DC (Demand,Cautious) on the DISC Profile.  



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