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Poor Over Coffee

Pour over coffee is talked about a lot. And often associated with coffee snobbery. I'm here to give you a very CHEAP and EASY way to start making a nice, consistent, easy cup of coffee at home. Full immersion brewing with a Clever Dripper.

Pour over makes a good cup of coffee, it absolutely does. However, a lot of the benefit is just to be able to do a single cup without having a coffee machine on your countertop. And consistency! This is technically not pour over, but enough of the snobbery, who cares!

1) Buy this Clever Coffee Dripper -

2) Buy these filters or use your #4 cone filters -

3) If you don't have a grinder, this one is great -

(If you want a cheaper handheld grinder -

*If grinding is intimidating, it's okay, just buy ground beans. Start grinding later.

4) Watch the video below.

A good ratio is about 28 grams of coffee (2.5 scoops +-) with 400 grams of water (13.5 ounces)


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